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Adding a delegate (Admin)

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Sometimes you might want to add a delegate to profiles, so that other people within the organisation can authorise claims on behalf of another person.

It is also useful for the admin team to log into a claimants profile for any of the following reasons of reasons:

  • Check status of expense claims.
  • Check any user profile issues.
  • Authorise claims on behalf of another person
  • Full access to the user you are delegating into.

In order to set up delegation you must first navigate to the Administration menu, which can be found by clicking on the cog icon at the top, right hand side of the screen.

Within the administration menu select User Settings.

Image title

Then select User Profiles.

User profiles

Once on the User profiles screen, use the Filters menu to search for specific users users.

Once you have found the desired user that you would like to delegate into, you can select the user profile you would like to delegate into by clicking the Pencil icon next to their name.

When you are in the user's profile, select Delegation from the menu on the right hand side of the screen.

On the Delegation screen, search for your name using the Filter search box and select it by clicking on either the blue name or the pencil icon.

The profile is now ready to be logged into and the delegation for this is now set up. If you log out of the system and log back in, the screen below will be presented to you.

Click the name indicated on the screen above to log into this profile, or you can simply log in as yourself by using the Work as myself button.

Quick access delegation

Quick access to the delegation screen is also possible for admin users who are delegated to various profiles, this is to prevent the user having to log in and out multiple times.

Click the (admin delegate) button to access this feature.

Once the (admin delegate) button has been clicked you can select which delegate to work as by using the arrow button located next to each name or work as myself to work as yourself.

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